Friday, February 15, 2013

[Ireland] - New GLBTI Parenting Study from Ireland Released - Dr Jane Pillinger and Paula Fagan

A new GLBTI patenting study has just been reported in Ireland. It makes for some very interesting reading.  The study was commissoned by the LGBT Diversity group and was conducted by Dr Jane Pillinger and Paula Fagan.

The Key Findings Report is available here.
The Full Report is available here.

Media Release

First study into Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender parents in Ireland launched  

The first large scale study into the experiences of LGBT people in Ireland who are parents or are planning parenthood was launched today. The report launch was opened by Senator Katherine Zappone (Member of the Independent Group), at Dublin City Councils’ Wood Quay venue.

The research documents the experiences of 153 LGBT people who are parents and 170 LGBT people actively planning to become parents. Reports authors Dr. Jane Pillinger and Paula Fagan say “we hope that this research will provide an important evidence base for progressing the rights of, and services for, LGBT parents.” 

The research highlights some of the legal and social challenges many LGBT headed families currently face. 46% of participants had experienced discrimination as an LGBT parent in the past five years.  16% of parents have no legal status as parents, despite having an active parenting role; this represents  51 children who are being parented by an individual with whom they have no legal relationship. 

As one gay father said “I have had the situation where my partner wasn’t allowed to collect them from school, and wasn’t allowed to give them a sick note.”  A lesbian mother, who is not the legal guardian of her child, spoke of her concern over not being able to give consent in the event of emergency medical treatment: “We have gone into hospital with the children, and thankfully, my partner was there. I don’t know what I would have done if she had been away.”

The research was commissioned by LGBT Diversity, a joint programme of 12 LGBT organisations from across Ireland. Programme Director, Patrick Stoakes said  “we welcome this report as a vital contribution to our understanding of the ‘diverse family relationships’ that exist in modern Ireland. We hope and believe that it will provide policy makers and service planners, as well as groups that support parents and families and LGBT communities, with a sound basis to promote greater inclusion.” 

The full report and the key findings report are both available for download below and from this website. From the Home page, go to "Resources" tab, select "Publications and Research" and scroll down to the section named "Legal / Rights".  Alternatively if you would like a copy emailed / posted please email Sarah on

The Key Findings Report is available here.
The Full Report is available here.

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