Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[Australia] The Hague surrogacy project marches on...by Stephen Page

Our good friend and surrogacy guru, Stephen Page has just posted a piece on the "Hague Surrogacy" project.  Everyone interested in surrogacy should read this piece.

For some years now I have written about the proposed Hague Convention on international surrogacy, for example through my role with the American Bar Association. An international convention has the potential to make the lot of intended parents considerably easier in transitioning from one country to another, but also has the potential to turn the journey into a nightmare.

I expressed concern in 2011 that the then model for a Convention being mooted by two UK academics (which was to conflate surrogacy with adoption) could have meant a disaster for Australian intended parents. After all, given our experiences with adoption as compared to surrogacy, who would want a process taken over by the Government, determining who can or can't be parents, causing lots of agony and pain- and along with higher costs might result in intended parents waiting 8-12 years instead of 18 months to 2 years so that they can have the joy of becoming parents?

Read More at Stephen Page's Surrogacy Blog

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