Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[USA] Republican says Having Same-Sex Parents Like ‘Losing Mom or Dad in Car Accident’ via Mediaite

A US Republican has demonstrated the stupidity and bigotry so common among his kind by stating that "having same-sex parents" is like losing your parents in a car accident.  I beggars belief that people actually vote for these people. Sheessh!!!

Jody Hice, a Baptist preacher and radio host who’s one of several hard-right candidates running for Paul Broun’s (R-GA) congressional seat, recently sounded off on same sex marriage on The Jody Hice Show. Hice argued that government allowed gay people to marry, just to people of the other gender, and that having a same-sex couple as parents was as damaging to a child as losing a parent in a car accident.

Arguing that the “combined effects of redefining marriage as a whole” would have “drastic, irretrievably consequences, both for the future of marriage, and the future of family, and the future of child raising in America,” Hice warned of the awful ramifications of ignoring gender in parenting roles.

“If a child loses a mom or dad in a car accident, we all think that’s a tragedy,” Hice said. “And yet in a same-sex relationship, there is an intentional, deliberate doing away with one gender or another.”

Hice also said that gay people retained the right to marry.

“Government doesn’t determine what gender a person is attracted to in order to allow them to be married,” he said. “Homosexuals have the right to be married, they just don’t have the right to be married to one another.”

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