Sunday, May 18, 2014

[Global] Surrogacy News Round Up

Planet Hospital Goes Bankrupt!

BioEdge is reporting that the well-known US surrogacy agency, Planet Hospital, has gone into bankruptcy, with about US$1 million owed to its clients. 

"Its founder and CEO Rudy Rupak Acharya says that he is “devastated and remorseful”. One client, Jonathan Dailey, a lawyer, claims that he lost $30,000 and complained to Al Jazeera America that he had "never seen that level of fraud". "He [Mr Acharya] was a master of diplomacy, of making you feel warm and fuzzy about Planet Hospital," Dailey alleged. "His fraud knew no international boundaries."

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The Mail Online is reporting that in the United Kingdom, a 28-year-old surrogate mother has pleaded guilty to defrauding two couples whom she contacted on the internet. 

"A surrogate mother pretended she was pregnant and then faked having miscarriages to take thousands of pounds from couples desperate to be parents".

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