Thursday, May 15, 2014

[Australia] "New mum creates website to help gay parents" by Damien Larkins and Nicole Dyer

Rebecca Madsen's Gay Parents Australia
website has received an overwhelmingly
positive from the LGBTI
and broader communities.
(Damien Larkins - ABC Local)
Great to see Rebecca getting publicity for her exciting new site, Gay Parents Australia.  Go Rebecca!  Check out the Website.

When one woman couldn't find online groups in Australia to connect with and support gay parents like herself she made her own.

Becoming a parent can be a scary and difficult thing; you have a tiny human being who's completely dependent on you.

Countless online communities and websites have sprung up around parenting and the issues that it brings up.

But one Gold Coast woman found none suited her particular needs, as a woman in a same-sex couple with a new baby.

So Rebecca Madsen set out to make one herself.

"I was really just looking for other lesbians who've gone through the same process and I couldn't find any," she said.

"We just had nobody to turn to."

She felt welcome in other online groups, but wanted to make a space to find others in the same situation, discuss problems and share advice".

Read More at the ABC.

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