Saturday, May 10, 2014

[USA - North Carolina] "Triangle: Group supports gay dads" by Lainey Millen

Henry Amador, son Ben
and Joel Batten
"DURHAM, N.C. — Henry Amador and Joel Batten, co-founders of DADSquared, hosted a potluck on May 4 commemorating International Family Equality Day to create a space for LGBT families to enjoy camaraderie and familial support. In fact, some of them met each other for the first time at the event. Twenty families attended.

This may not seem too remarkable, but the organization they started prior to moving here in recent years, has gone a long way to provide resources for gay families.

“I am very passionate about my LGBTQ brothers and sisters, but especially to the families raising children and just hoping to give their babies the best this world has to offer,” Amador said. “DADsquared’s motto is that ‘We are Changing The World One Family at a Time,’ and I truly believe that.”

They moved to North Carolina a little less than a year ago to be closer to Batten’s family. They find the climate supportive and Amador said that there are very few to dad families in Durham, “so we certainly stand out.” Prior to their relocation, they explored the Triangle area and saw that it was more suitable to what they were looking for. It was close to beaches and mountains, as well as being the right fit. “Durham called to us, it’s our kind of town,” Amador added".

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