Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[USA] "Fear of Russia’s anti-gay laws keeps parents from seeing son compete" by Luke Decock

Jordan Windle, center with his adoptive father Jerry Windle,
right, and Jerry Windle's partner Andres Rodriguez.
Russia's anti-gay hate laws extend beyond their borders.  That is the problem with hate - it infects broadly.  But this is still a wonderful story about Jordan.

Watching on his computer screen from thousands of miles away, Jerry Windle saw his son Jordan follow the U.S. flag into the opening ceremonies for the World Junior Diving Championships on Monday. He could see Jordan smile, a message he knew was meant for him, that everything was OK, even though he wasn’t there.

It was as heartbreaking as it was comforting, because if it was anywhere but Penzi, Russia, Jerry Windle would be there. Instead, this modern family of two gay dads and adopted son will be apart during one of the most important weeks of Jordan’s life, out of fear of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Jordan Windle, 15, is a potential 2016 Olympian who lives in Morrisville and trains at Duke. Jerry Windle adopted him from a Cambodian orphanage as a single father when Jordan was 18 months old.

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