Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[USA] "You Don't Tell Your Friends You Have Two Dads?" by Ian Colvin

This is an interesting and sweet piece, that many of us "gay dads" can relate to.  Enjoy!


It wasn't the answer I was expecting. I asked again.

"You don't tell your friends at daycare you have two dads?"


I had no idea how to respond.

Ever since our kids were born, we've tried to help them understand and be proud of the fact that their family looks a bit different than others. We've read all the bedtime stories: Daddy, Papa and Me, A Tale of Two Daddies and, of course, And Tango Makes Three. We've also joined a few gay parent groups so our kids could meet other families like theirs. But with two active kids, we don't always have time to attend "gay parent" get-togethers.

I asked one more time. "You don't?"


I started to wonder if we'd made a mistake switching our son to a new daycare last fall. It was rated one of the top daycares in the community and right next to the elementary school our kids were going to attend. When we received a call that a spot was available, we had less than 24 hours to decide to take it. Maybe we hadn't thought it through completely.

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