Thursday, October 2, 2014

[Australia] "It's Time to Adopt Change" by Dr Simon Crouch

Friends and members of Gay Dads of Australia and Rainbow Families Council will be very familiar with Dr Simon Crouch's work on the health and well being of children from same-sex attracted parents (ACHESS). He is an amazing advocate for our families and he doesn't stop in speaking up for us.

Simon has just written a piece called "It's Time to Adopt Change" in respect of Adoption Rights for GLBTI people in Victoria in light of the fast approaching State election.

Please read and share this piece widely with family, friends and importantly your local member of parliament.

Bubbling along below the surface of this state election is an issue that is of major importance for some Victorian families. While it won’t determine the outcome of many seats, it speaks volumes about the social conscience of Victoria’s politicians, who have yet to join the growing list of states and territories that have legalised the adoption of children by gay and lesbian parents.

It is already legal in New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory, and many Victorians might be surprised to learn that same-sex couples cannot adopt here in the Garden State. In rare circumstances, a same-sex-attracted single person can adopt a child who is already known to him or her, but many same-sex couples raising children in long-term foster arrangements, as well as same-sex step-parents, are in a precarious position. Their children, many of whom have only ever known a secure family environment with their same-sex parents, live with chronic uncertainty over what might become of them and their siblings if anything were to happen to their parents.

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