Saturday, October 11, 2014

[France] "French Gov’t Affirms Its Prohibition of Gestational Surrogacy" by Laurent Gey

Some less happy news from France however....

PARIS–The French “La Manif pour tous” (Protest for All) movement has gathered 100,000 participants in Paris and Bordeaux on 6 October 2014. This movement, established in 2012, shows the face of a traditional France attaching great importance to the family.  The people often don’t recognize themselves in the proposals of the government.  Last week, Prime Minister Manuel Valls wanted to reassure, and affirmed to be opposed to gestational surrogacy, a practice of “commercializing human beings and merchandising the female bodies”, something intolerable, according to his own words. France also plans a global initiative to get a ruling among the states.

If you can be bothered, read more here.

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