Saturday, October 11, 2014

[US] "A Gay Dad’s Quest to Breast Feed His Son" by Gavin Lodge

I wonder how many of us Gay dads have asked themselves the same questions?

A new gay dad wants to provide the best milk, breast milk, to his kid, but lacks the biological plumbing to do so. Here is the story of his quest. 

During our pregnancy with Big E, I researched breast milk sources. Doctor friends told us it would be the greatest gift we could give our newborn.

 We were lucky that a friend had twenty pounds of frozen milk in Denver just after Big E was born in Colorado Springs. We packed it on dry ice and overnighted it to New York for $100. 

There had to be another way. 

I’d already learned that milk banks weren’t the way. For starters, I figured there was a milk bank in every major city in the country. There are fifteen. For us, a place in Massachusetts would have shipped 4 oz of milk at $7/ounce plus shipping. Worse, milk banks pasteurize. They kill all bacteria (which is good for the baby’s immune system). Plus, they refuse donations from moms with colds or any benign sickness. But sick mom milk is the best kind for growing babies — full of antibodies. 

There had to be another way.

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