Saturday, October 11, 2014

[UK] "New rights for fathers and same-sex partners" by Stowe Family Law LLP

Great to see progress in this area being made around the world!

Expectant fathers and same-sex partners of pregnant women now have the right to take time off for antenatal appointments, the government has announced.

This right also extends to long-term partners of the mother even if they are not married, or the intended parents of the child in a surrogacy agreement. They have the right to two appointments and can take up to six and a half hours for each. Employers are able to offer more time if they choose.

If the woman’s husband is not the father, both the husband and the father will each be allowed to take time off for two appointments. Additionally, if a man is expecting children with more than one woman, he will be allowed to take time off for each child. However, the government says that they “do not expect this to happen very often”.

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