Saturday, October 11, 2014

[US] "Mark and Victor's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series" HuffPost

An excellent piece in the Huff Post

Mark Martinez, Jr., 32, and Victor M. Palacios, Jr., 29, of San Jose, Calif. are foster parents looking to adopt. Working with EMQ Families First in Campbell, California, the couple has fostered two sibling sets in short-term placements, and currently has their third placement.

“Our main objective is to adopt,” explained Mark, “but at the moment we are very open to doing ongoing foster care as a concurrent home until we have a child that we are able to adopt. So while we’re waiting for a match we look at helping other kids who need a home.”

In foster care today, reunification of children with their birth family is the number one goal. “Concurrent” means that a process is initiated by whereby the child is prepared simultaneously to reunify with the birth family and, if that doesn’t occur, to be adopted in their current foster placement.

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