Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[AU] "Two dads, four babies: Ballarat couple find success in surrogacy program" by Nicholas Payne

TO SAY Chris and Michael have their hands full is an understatement.

Almost overnight the couple has gone from being childless to having four babies under the age of 12 weeks.

“It’s nice to have a big family right away,” Michael said.

Chris and Michael recently brought their four bundles of joy back from Thailand after two simultaneous surrogate pregnancies.

The district couple, who spent $76,000 on the surrogacy process, was one of the last to leave Thailand with their children before the Thai military government closed the doors on the surrogacy program. 

This followed a series of international media scandals, including the heartbreaking story of WA couple David and Wendy Farnell, who left baby Gammy with his Thai surrogate because he had Down syndrome.

Chris and Michael’s journey into parenthood started after watching a TV commercial featuring parents playing with their children.

Michael turned to Chris and said: “That’s one thing we’re never going to experience. I wonder if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be?”

Six weeks later and the couple was at an IVF centre in Bangkok.

Now their living room is taken up by four cots – one each for babies Melanie, Megan, Jake and Logan. The twin boys are 11 weeks old and the twin girls are two weeks younger.

The couple had never intended to have this many children.

“Four was a bit of an accident,” Michael admitted.

“But that feeling when we got the first email about the boys and it said two heartbeats was just amazing – I was literally jumping up and down.”

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