Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[US] "A Guide To Starting Your Family Via Surrogate" by Winnie McCroy

An interesting and informative article on creating your family via surrogacy. Great to see Dr Guy Ringler quoted in here.  A great pioneer and leader in surrogacy for gay men.

The move to secure marriage equality in the United States has brought with it a gay baby boom, with many couples ready to start a family. While this is a relatively uncomplicated process for lesbian couples, gay male couples who want to have a biological child of their own must often engage in a long and expensive process involving a gestational surrogate. In New York and Washington, DC, this process is complicated by the fact that these states ban surrogates. 

"People from New York and even further, like Australia, come to California for these services, because they are illegal where they live," said Los Angeles-based fertility specialist Guy Ringler, MD. "The world's best doctors are here, and while other places also allow surrogacy, they may have adoption or child's rights issues, while California has no issues with intended parents."

The state's laws are very protective of the rights of intended parents, putting on the birth certificate the names of the people whose intent it was to create the child, rather than the gestational surrogate, which Ringler calls, "cleaner, simpler and after. It can be established in the beginning that they are the legal parents."

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