Tuesday, November 4, 2014

[UK] "Gay Birthright Campaign Gathers Momentum" by Samantha Scott (@gaybirthrightuk)

A new UK based internet campaign has started related to the restrictive UK laws relating to surrogacy for gay men.  Read more in Samantha Scott's article on Fertility Road.

A couple frustrated by restrictive UK laws regarding gay surrogacy have commenced an internet campaign that aims to start a conversation about inequalities in the way the family unit is created for same-sex partners.

Brits Rory O’Connell and Nick Mills are hoping to become parents to biological offspring through an overseas gestational surrogate, but told us: “As a gay couple we have the same potential and intention to parent as any other couple, but in the UK the state does not support us in terms of treatment and law so we have found a route to follow that will circumvent these injustices and inequalities.”

Their Gay Birthright UK campaign aims to raise awareness and open a debate regarding the laws surrounding surrogacy to better protect both intended parents and surrogates, and bring parity in terms of availability of IVF and fertility treatment for male intended parents in relation to what is currently offered to straight and lesbian couples.

The couple explain that “society is not static, and gay rights have come a long way with many injustices and inequalities disappearing.”

They recognise that same sex couples have been able to bring children into their lives via the route of gestational surrogacy in various countries, however the couple are seeking to promote ethical and legitimate surrogacy and are opting for the favourable legal climate in developed nations like the USA where all concerned are protected and appropriately compensated for their part in the process.

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