Thursday, September 1, 2016

[Australia] International Surrogacy and Adoption in Victoria - An Update

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Many of you will be aware that Adoption Equality laws came into force in Victoria today.  Those following this will also be now aware that the pathway for kids born via international surrogacy is less than clear.  Can you use Victorian Adoption to ensure your children have legal protection and that you are recognised as the Legal Parents?  The short answer is: Maybe. Possibly.

The long answer is complicated.  I have contacted the IAV (International Adoptions Victoria) department who have been given responsibility for the "surrogacy" cases to discuss how this is envisaged to work.

I am going to put together something material over the next couple of days and post it here. I am not a legal expert in this area, but hopefully I can provide you with enough information to assist you in making any decisions going forward.

Watch this space......

Rodney Chiang-Cruise

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