Thursday, September 1, 2016

[Australia] Want to Publish Your LGBTI Parenting Story or News on the Gay Dads Australia Website?

Hi All

Just a reminder that if you have an article or news that you want to share with the Gay Dads Australia community please contact us and let us know.  There are some rules. For instance, we generally won't promote commercial services such as surrogacy agencies. 

However you may have a LGBTI parenting story book that you are about to release. That would be great. We are happy to share that news.

You may have a piece of news that you note from around the world in relation to our families and you want to share it.  Get in contact.

You may just want to share a picture and short story about your family - if so we will definitely want to include it on the site.

Feel free to contact me on

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