Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ABC Online - “Tas MPs consider equal rights for lesbian parents”

Tasmanian Attorney-General Lara Giddings

The Tasmanian Attorney-General is moving to officially recognise same-sex parents.

Victoria passed laws late last year allowing IVF babies to have two legally recognised mothers and the Tasmanian Government had a similar move blocked in the Upper House six years ago.

Tasmania's Gay and Lesbian rights group says joint motherhood is now recognised in most states and territories and Tasmania should do the same.

The Attorney-General Lara Giddings has told State Parliament the change would remove discrimination and protect children in same-sex relationships.

"As the law stands the birth-mother is registered as the mother and the partner has no rights at law" said Ms Giddings.

"This bill will rectify that situation and put a same-sex partner in the same position as a male partner who has agreed to their partner becoming pregnant through ART."

The Liberals have been granted a conscience vote.

The Shadow Attorney-General Michael Hodgman said the bill is misguided.

"Here you have a situation where the two parents are of the same gender and with respect that is against the law of nature and legally an impossibility to me," said Mr Hodgman.

The Liberals' Rene Hidding and Brett Whiteley will also oppose the bill.

Mr Hidding said it is a corruption of the meaning of parenthood.


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