Monday, May 10, 2010

The Cairns Post - “Lesbian couple shares baby joy” by Ben Blomfield

THIS baby boy is the precious Mother's Day gift same sex couple Michelle Petryszyn and Casey Fallon have always wanted.

Mitchell Petryszyn was born at Cairns Base Hospital about 5.30am yesterday and while bringing joy to his parents, the couple’s second child also represents a growing trend in the Far North.

Doctors say female couples seeking help with falling pregnant is increasing with about 30 female couples a year consulting fertility groups in Cairns.

"For me, they’ve given my life more meaning, something deeper," said Ms Fallon, who gave birth to the couple’s first child, Evelyn Fallon, 14 months ago.

"If we had more children, I think we would both have one each."

Ms Petryszyn, 26, said sexual preference should never dictate who can have children.

"There’s nothing better in life than kids," she said.

"Watching them grow is just amazing."

Ms Petryszyn and Ms Fallon have twice used a friend’s sperm to help them have children.

Queensland Fertility Group Cairns Dr Robert Miller said lesbian couples electing to conceive with a friend’s sperm should have the donor undergo thorough testing.

He also said some donors were hesitant to give their sperm to same sex couples believing a child from a lesbian couple would be more inclined to seek out the biological father.

Many donors want to remain anonymous.

"There’s a need out there and you can’t just shut it out," Dr Miller said. "Same sex couples make good parents and two parents are always better than one.

"If same sex couples want to come to me for help, I can’t use a friend’s sperm, it has to be a registered donor."

Cairns Fertility Centre spokesman Doug Yek said lesbian couples were just as interested in conceiving as regular couples.

"They do exist and are interested," he said.

Same sex couples using friend’s sperm to reproduce is a contentious issue around Australia with some states banning it.

In NSW, Queensland, ACT and Tasmania, it is legal for couples to use assisted reproductive technology.

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