Friday, November 23, 2012

[Australia] - 1920s Gay Family - A Meme that isn't what it Seems

There is a picture that has been doing the round on the internet for at least 2 years.  It came back around to me this week.  It shows a picture from sometime in the early 1900s (possibly) with two men in bowler hats and 5 young children.  The photo has been circulating with the tag:

"First gay granted legal rights to adopt chilren, Hollow Falls, VA late 1920's"

When I first saw this on the net I was excited but skeptical.  And indeed a little bit of digging revealed two things.

(a) This image and caption was spreading quickly and people were taking it at face value; and
(b) This image and caption have been totally made up!

Whilst it is a really nice photo, it is not a gay couple, not from the US and it is not about adoption. It is actually sourced from Australia See HERE.

So, I can enjoy the photo for what it is now, knowing what it isn't.

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Unknown said...

awesome! love to know the truth. there is a bit much of untruth about photos and even news stories that are lies just to scare those who are gay these days.. i never trust these vintage photos, not at face value.. some though when two guys look at each other you can just see he love.. those i like the best :-)