Monday, December 17, 2012

[Australia] - Gay Surrogacy in Queensland - ABC Radio National

Broadcast today on ABC Radio National was a report on Surrogacy in Queensland and in particular how it will affect gay couples in that state.  GLBTI lawyer and surrogacy advocate, Stephen Page adding his usual clarity to the discussion.  Thank you to Michael Barnett for letting us know.

You can listen to the podcast here.  Once the transcript is published, GDA will link to it as well.

"Concerns are growing about the Queensland government's proposed changes to surrogacy laws. 
The LNP government plans to change surrogacy laws to exclude same sex couples and singles. This year the Newman government has also repealed civil unions legislation and cut funding to gay health groups. The Queensland Law Society says the legislative changes are blatantly discriminatory and breach federal legislation. Nance Haxton looks at changes that have gay parents worried about whether they have a future in the state".

[Source: Original Podcast]

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