Friday, March 22, 2013

[USA] - AAP & Gay Parenting - Erik Botsford is Annoyed - Find Out Why

Erik Bosford is a gay dad of twin boys.  And like me, he was pleased to see the American Academy of Pediatrics "reaffirm" its support of "gay marriage".  But he was also annoyed about what is implied about being a gay parent.  It is an interesting read, and I share many of his views.  Thanks Erik!

[Source: Parenting]

I want to be happy about today’s news that the American Academy of Pediatrics has reaffirmed its support of gay marriage, I really do. I’m a gay dad of twin 5-year old boys, so it’s fair to say that this news resonates with me. But something about this has me bothered.

Look, don’t get me wrong; I’m always happy when another voice speaks out in support of gay people and especially gay families, especially one as respected and influential as the AAP. They’re a little late to the game when it comes to national medical organizations supporting gay marriage (psychologists voiced their support in 2004, psychiatrists followed in 2005, and physicians in 2011), but their support comes close on the heels of last year’s endorsement of gay marriage by national nursing and family physician groups. Plus, today’s announcement is a clear, full-throated reaffirmation of the benefits of gay marriage to both parents and children. It goes so far as to urge its member pediatricians to advocate on behalf of marriage equality.

So why am I so grumpy?

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[Source: Parenting]

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