Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Canada] That Wonderful "Cheerios" Commercial!

Recently, the cereal company Cheerios released a commercial featuring two gay dads and their adopted daughter.  It is simple, touching and powerful.  It speaks for it sell as you can see from below:

However, there are some people who have objection to it - and we are not talking your usual suspects here (the religious crazies!).  Frank Ligtvoet has published an interesting (if non-sensical) piece in the HuffPost about the commercial.  The comments, which I normally suggest one should not read, are worth while in this case.

A Canadian Cheerios commercial has been making the Internet rounds these last few days before hitting TV channels this week. You see two good-looking, white, 30-something gay men talking. A toddler, a black girl, climbs from one guy to the other: They are her dads. The men speak English with endearing French accents, and they talk about their life together and the adoption of their daughter.....

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