Friday, June 22, 2018

[Canada] Children of LGBTQ+ parents share their stories in new book launched in Toronto - by Melanie Zettler

Something for those looking for books about LGBTIQ+ Parents.  There is now getting to be quite a good collection of quality material out there.

With Pride festivities underway in Toronto, the authors and contributors of a newly-released book say they’re hoping to fill a gap in literature aimed at the children of LGBTQ+ parents.

“I was in Grade 1 and my best friend Jane and I were rolling around in the snow. Out of nowhere a voice sneered, “What are you, lesbians?” Sadie Epstein-Fine said as she reads aloud from her book, Spawning Generations: Rants and Reflections on Growing Up with LGBTQ+ Parents.

The book was launched earlier this week at Toronto’s Glad Day Bookshop on Church Street.

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