Tuesday, November 13, 2018

[Australia] Victorian Premier Announces Public Funded IVF

Today, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) in Victoria via Premier Daniel Andrews have announced that if re-elected they will "fund public IVF services to help families afford it". 

Daniel Andrews said "IVF has always been expensive, because it's provided through the private system.
That's why a re-elected Labor Government will make it public, bulk-billed and subsidised.
Because every family should have the chance to try for kids – not just those who can afford it."
You know these changes don't come out of nowhere. Rainbow Families, among others, have been advocating against the high and increasing costs of IVF for a long time. They have long argued that publicly funded IVF would make access more inclusive. Thank Daniel Andrews today - but also thank Rainbow Familes for all their hard work over many, many years".
This is a game changer for many LGBTIQ+ people wanting to create their families. I love news like this.

UPDATE: Story in The Age

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